Our Team

Sneha – Dental Hygienist

Sneha obtained her B.A. degree in psychology from Boston University and her Dental Hygiene degree from NYU College of Dentistry. She has been a hygienist at Dr. Schwartz’s office for over four years and plays a crucial role in keeping the mouths of our patients healthy.

In her free time Sneha enjoys traveling and reading. Always seeking to further her commitment to healthcare, she recently completed a Masters Degree in Public Health from Rutgers University in New Jersey.


Asya – Dental Hygienist

Asya studied at NYU and graduated with a B.S. degree and Certificate in Dental Hygiene in 2010. In addition to working in private practice, Asya supervises up and coming hygiene and dental students at NYU College of Dentistry as a clinical instructor.

In addition to keeping the smiles of our patients healthy and at their best, Asya likes being active in sports such as running, swimming, water polo and skiing. She also enjoys spending time with her family as well as her dog, Leo.


Johanne – Dental Assistant

Johanne trained as a dentist in her home country of the Dominican Republic before moving to the US. She has put her dental knowledge to effective use as Dr. Schwartz’s assistant for over 10 years. Johanne is an integral part of the patient experience at our office in terms of treatment as well as comfort.

Remaining dedicated to oral healthcare and the community, Johanne is currently studying part-time at CUNY Hostos Community College to become a dental hygienist.


Nina – Office Manager

Originally trained as a dentist in her country before moving to the US, Nina first started out as Dr. Schwartz’s dental assistant over 15 years ago. She soon realized that she enjoyed managing the office and coordinating patients. With a strong attention to detail and a knack for staying on top of things, Nina keeps the office flowing smoothly.

In her free time, Nina likes to read as well as going out for a run to enjoy the weather.


Bill – Public Relations Coordinator

Six years into a career as an engineer in the Defense industry, Bill realized his calling was in helping people. He decided to pursue his original dream of being in healthcare through the field of dentistry.

He happened to find a mentor in the form of Dr. Schwartz who, on recognizing Bill’s diverse skill set, brought him onto the team as a dental assistant and the office’s public relations coordinator.

Bill will be studying dentistry just around the corner at NYU.


Amye – Patient Coordinator

A long time friend of Dr. Schwartz, Amye contributes to the office as a patient coordinator, assisting with scheduling and sending out appointment reminders.