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How Women’s Hormone Affects Their Dental Health

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Hormones impact your mood, your health, and now your dental health?   Hormones are vital to a woman’s health — not only are they catalysts for many critical functions but they also play a role in dental health. And, it’s not until you really stop and think about your experiences that you realize how much… read more

How Vitamin D Impacts Oral Health

How Vitamin D Impacts Oral Health

As more and more bodies of research are coming out about the impacts of vitamin D, we know it affects a great deal of our overall health and wellness, which makes it a crucial vitamin to get enough of. A vitamin D deficiency is known to increase your risk for cavities and gum disease, and… read more

Teeth Whitening: Part one


The causes of tooth staining Aging – Teeth darken as we age from wear and tear. Eating habits – Consuming dark-colored drinks such as wine, coffee, and tea, as well as eating acidic foods contribute to enamel erosion. Smoking habits – Nicotine will leave discoloration deposits that slowly absorbs into the enamel over time. Trauma,… read more

How Cosmetic Dentists Can Help You Define More than Just Your Smile

Unless you’ve experienced the pain of having a less-than-attractive smile, you may believe that cosmetic dentistry is as vain as other plastic surgeries – based on one’s desire to simply look a certain way. However, cosmetic dentists do much more than make people pretty. Veneers, implants and other dental procedures actually decrease pain and health… read more