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Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth?!

Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth_!

Do you have sweaty palms yet a dry mouth when you’re around the one who gives you all the feelings?   Ah, true love — or at least the beginning of true love — brings a host of feelings and emotions (and hormones) you probably didn’t know you had. Butterflies in your stomach — it’s… read more

What Does Zinc Have to Do with Dental Health?

What Does Zinc Have to Do with Dental Health_

It’s no mystery — Americans suffer greatly from gum disease, with more than half of the US adult population experiencing this dental health concern. We know that comprehensive and good oral hygiene including preventative care such as bi-annual teeth cleaning and at-home care reduces gum disease, but after the main dental care practices are covered,… read more

Going Back To Basics: The Case For Preventative Dental Care

Going Back To Basics_ The Case For Preventative Dental Care

There are so many benefits from preventative dental care and it begins at-home with brushing and flossing and carries over to your local dentist with routine cleanings. So, why is oral health so important? Let’s go back to basics in this blog and examine the case for preventative dental care! What your at-home dental routine… read more

Keeping Your Pearly Whites Merry And Bright

The holiday season is known for its delightful and tempting sweet treats, but this doesn’t mean your saccharin smile will have to end up in your local dentist’s chair for a filling. There are a couple of tips to stay cavity-free during this celebratory season. How do confectionery goodies cause cavities? When sweet treats are… read more

Teeth Whitening: Part Two

In our last blog on teeth whitening, we mentioned how teeth can become discolored and stained overtime. While a routine teeth cleaning is wonderful and preventative for oral health, it may not prevent teeth staining. If you’re ready to enter the new year with a beautiful, more pearlescent smile and can’t wait to for your… read more

Remember, Your Gums Are Important Too

When it comes to our oral health, we have to focus on individual pieces of the greater puzzle. Not only do we have to keep our teeth healthy and strong, but our gums have to fall in line as well. Gum health is imperative when it comes to our oral care. Gums are what protects… read more

5 Tips On Keeping Your Teeth Gorgeous and White

Nothing is more attractive or eye-catching than a beautifully bright, white smile. But sustaining those pearly whites can become more of a challenge over time. Many food, drink and lifestyle choices can leave us with gray, yellow or dingy teeth, causing us to look older or less attractive. As one of the most requested dental… read more