5 Steps To A Brighter, Whiter Smile In The New Year


Learn how a few simple things can help whiten your smile!


White teeth are a highly sought after commodity — roughly 11 billion dollars are spent annually trying to get your smile a little brighter and a little whiter. And while there are plenty of at-home methods and teeth whitening services at the dentist, you may be able to begin the new year with a dazzling smile!


If white teeth are a priority to you this year, Dr. Martin J. Schwartz has you covered! With a myriad of cosmetic dental services, teeth whitening is just one way to ring in the new year right! Learn more about the steps you can take in creating a whiter smile in today’s post!



Smile with your teeth this year!


Yellowing and discolored teeth happen, as it’s just another one of the lucky things that happens as we age! Age is amongst the biggest factor to affect how brightly our teeth shimmer, yet our lifestyle also plays a large role. When we drink dark-colored beverages — coffee and wine are the worst offenders — and consume food, in time, it begins to stain and discolor our once vibrant smile.


All is not lost (to yellow teeth)!


The great news is, you’re not doomed to yellow teeth that age you! There are a few key steps you can take to better prevent the discoloration of your teeth. Let’s dive right into them!



Create a dental routine.


Social media is flooded with the hashtag “self-care” with people wearing sheet masks that make them look, well, a bit odd! So, why not incorporate dental care into your self-care routine? This means doing the non-negotiable of brushing twice a day and flossing at least once. 


Take it one step further and use an indulgent toothpaste with charcoal or cardamom or invest in the top-of-the-line electric toothbrush. After all, the more consistent dental care you have at home, the healthier and whiter your teeth will remain.



Get Fruity


Forget hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, try fruits to brighten your pearly whites! Strawberry seeds that contain malic acid help to improve surface discoloration combined with the scrubbing action of the seeds. 


If strawberries are your jam, pineapple is another fruit that may be able to combat minor tooth discoloration. The key player in pineapple is the enzyme bromelain, and has been found to be more effective at impacting tooth stains than toothpaste.


So, why not kill two birds with one stone and eat these fruits for a fresher, brighter smile!



Stop Smoking!


In this day and age, we know the effects of smoking and they’re not good, and while it’s an insidious habit to quit, if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to improve the color of your teeth, quitting smoking is the way to go. 


Tobacco not only causes brown spots and staining, but it can penetrate the enamel leaving pits and grooves. 



Think carefully about what you drink!


While it may not be necessary to give up your daily coffee or glass of wine, how you drink it may be more important! To avoid staining your teeth revert back to childhood and drink through a straw, or heck, even an adult sippy cup (double points if they’re eco-conscious…hello metal straws and non-BPA plastic)! 



Eat, Rinse, Repeat


Because just eating, in general, can stain your teeth over time, it’s important to get rid of debris and food bits pronto! After each meal and snack, rinse your mouth out with water. And, if you really want to really level up your teeth whitening strategies, floss and brush your teeth with water between meals. The more healthy and fresh your teeth are, the less plaque and discoloration build. 



To begin this year off right, create a consistent dental routine at home, eat strawberries and pineapple, stop smoking, try using straws, and always rinse out your mouth after you eat! And, if you need to call in the big guns, schedule a whitening service from our Gramercy Park dental office today!


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