What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is often shrouded in mystery! You may retort teeth whitening facts to your friends and family, but are they accurate?! Get to know the facts about teeth whitening so you yourself can feel more confident about this dental procedure, and even perhaps talk your friends into all the benefits of it too!


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Don’t be misled by the intriguing world of teeth whitening!


Teeth whitening is one of the least complicated cosmetic dentistry procedures, yet we all have heard old wive’s tales about it. From the belief that all teeth whitening is the same — in-home and in-office — to the thinking that once teeth are whitened they will stay white forever, we all have a little nugget of teeth whitening ideas, but some of them aren’t always true. 


So, let’s examine what’s true about teeth whitening!



Though teeth are tough, they’re also porous and are absorbent.


Think of your teeth like a sponge or a kitchen cloth — anything that you wipe up with them will absorb into the material — and, the same is true for your teeth. What you eat and drink matter! Over time, dark beverages such as wine or coffee can stain your teeth — even smoking can turn your pearly whites yellow! So, the bigger the offender you are, the darker and more stained your teeth will become over the years. 


Teeth stains will never go away on their own, even if you halted all nefarious staining activity! If you desire white teeth, you’ll have to actively remove stains through teeth whitening. 



Teeth whitening is safe for your smile.


Many people think that teeth whitening may harm your teeth, but the truth of the matter is, if it’s done professionally and correctly it’s safe.  


Anything that is aggressive on your teeth — rough brushing or not adhering to teeth whitening directions — can damage your teeth. The takeaway here is, schedule a teeth whitening procedure with your dentist and allow your teeth to remineralize before you do it again. 



The delivery may be more important than the ingredients.


A variety of teeth whitening products on the market have the same or very similar ingredients, but it’s the delivery method that really makes a difference. When you have custom teeth whitening trays, tey hit every curve and nook and cranny of your teeth, giving you a consistent whitening treatment.  



There’s no need to panic is your teeth are sensitive after teeth whitening.



Countless people in the US have sensitive teeth already due to thin enamel. And, they may feel even more sensitive after a teeth whitening treatment because of your teeth become temporarily dehydrated, making it difficult to insult the nerve from temperature extremes. 



Whitening your teeth takes time.



Unfortunately, a lifetime of stains cannot be removed in one teeth whitening treatment as it typically takes a series of treatments over months to see desired results. Te great news is, once you’ve achieved whiter teeth, it’s much more easily maintained. 



Dental prosthetics such as caps and veneers cannot be whitened.



When you get dental caps or veneers, they are created to match the natural color of your teeth that you currently have, so they won’t stain or whiten, but they’ll always stay the same color. 



Get whiter teeth today in our Grammerct Park dental clinic!


Now that we’ve explained more about teeth whitening to help clear up any myths or misunderstandings, it’s time to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today! 



Reach out to our clinic and journey to whiter, healthier teeth!





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