Dental Hygiene During COVID-19

Keep your teeth healthy amidst Coronavirus!


There is so much press surrounding COVID-19 and staying healthy, that it’s a great time to talk about dental health and hygiene in the wake of Coronavirus. We all know the importance of washing your hands and not touching your face at this time, but caring for your overarching health and wellness can help prevent illness and keep you feeling your best!


At Dr. Martin J.Schwartz our dental office in Gramercy Park provides a broad array of dental services including teeth cleanings and dental implants to root canals and dentures. Care for your teeth and strengthen your health during COVID-19 with proper dental hygiene. 



Basic Dental Hygiene


The most important practice to get into during Coronavirus, is keeping a consistent dental routine at home. With social distancing in place and more time being spent at home, not only can you keep a consistent routine, but we bet you can improve on it. 


You’ll hear about basic dental hygiene repeated over and over, because, well, it works! We’ll touch it once again!



Brush your teeth at least twice a day.


Why is brushing important? When we eat the nooks and crannies of our teeth and gums harbor bacteria which, overtime, creates plaque and harmful bacteria, leading to cavities and infections. This is why it’s imperative to brush your teeth at least twice per day. 


To keep your teeth in tip-top shape, rinsing with water after meals is also a good practice to get into. 



Floss your teeth at least once a day.


People don’t necessarily have a difficult time brushing their teeth, but for whatever reason, flossing often gets skipped. Flossing your teeth should be right up there with brushing your teeth, because it’s just as, if not more so, important than brushing! 


Floss your teeth at least once a day, but now that many are at home, try flossing twice a day or after every meal — it’s amazing to see what gets lodged in your teeth!



Avoid dental emergencies.


Of course no one wants or creates a dental emergency on purpose, but to prevent spreading the Coronavirus, it’s vital to limit interactions with others, even your dentist! 

Limiting and preventing dental emergencies can be as easy as knowing you have old fillings and choosing to forego extremely chewy or hard foods to limit cracking a tooth or filling. This can also mean being more cautious of your activities. Mountain biking, playing baseball, and other activities can put you at risk of injuring your teeth and mouth. Consider less impact sports for the time being to prevent having to go to the ER or scheduling an emergency visit with your dentist. 



Make smarter food choices.



This is a good time to re-prioritize what you’re eating, because as we know, processed sugar and starchy foods cause cavities. 


Try eating more veggies and whole foods and ditching overly processed food like chips and baked goods. If you do decide to eat sugar and processed foods, remember to rinse, floss and even brush your teeth 30 minutes after you’ve had them.


You can even be smarter about the junk food you are eating! If you have a sweet tooth, try eating plain chocolate over gummies — the chocolate easily rinses from your teeth, whereas the gummies get left behind. 


Or, instead of eating a loaded ice cream with caramel chunks and pretzel pieces, eat a plain flavor and add your own topping such as berries. 


At the end of the day, proper hygiene not only comes from washing your hands, but from caring for your teeth too! 


Once we’ve flattened the curve, schedule your next dental appointment with us! We can’t wait to see you in our Gramercy Park office!

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