Keeping Your Pearly Whites Merry And Bright

The holiday season is known for its delightful and tempting sweet treats, but this doesn’t mean your saccharin smile will have to end up in your local dentist’s chair for a filling. There are a couple of tips to stay cavity-free during this celebratory season.


How do confectionery goodies cause cavities?
When sweet treats are consumed, it disrupts the beneficial bacteria balance in your mouth. The bacteria begins to feed on the sugars, which results in an acid by-product. The acid is harmful and can cause enamel erosion, making the tooth more susceptible to cavities in its weakened state. If you’re snacking on sweet treats at every meal and for an extended period of time, this only increases the acid and your chances of cavities and gum disease.

Tips to keep your pearly whites merry and bright
While it’s beneficial to keep proper oral hygiene year round, it’s especially important during the holiday season when you’re consuming more sugar.

  • Balance your foods – if you’re eating an increased amount of sugary sweets, balance it out with green, leafy vegetables. Sugar promotes damaging acidity, while greens are alkalizing; it begins with balance.
  • Choose sweets that rinse well – instead of reaching for the sticking candies like caramel and toffee, choose chocolate or cookies that are able to rinse easily from your teeth. The less time they’re on your teeth, the less acid is produced.
  • Be prepared – if you know you’re going to indulge during the holidays, be prepared! Pack a oral hygiene kit that you can keep in your car or at work. Include the basics: toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Remember, even rinsing your mouth out with water is better than nothing.
  • Stay on top – Keep your teeth healthy this season by scheduling a routine dental cleaning! Be proactive and prevent cavities during the holidays!

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