What Does Zinc Have to Do with Dental Health?

What Does Zinc Have to Do with Dental Health_

It’s no mystery — Americans suffer greatly from gum disease, with more than half of the US adult population experiencing this dental health concern. We know that comprehensive and good oral hygiene including preventative care such as bi-annual teeth cleaning and at-home care reduces gum disease, but after the main dental care practices are covered, is there more we can do?

At Dr. Martin J. Schwartz, we want to help eliminate your chances of getting gum disease! With proper at-home care and seeing us regularly in our dental office, you can reduce this dental issue. Follow along in today’s post as we go a bit beyond the dental chair and look at how zinc may play a role in your dental health!


Bleeding Gums

Did you know that bleeding gums can often indicate a nutrition deficiency? Zinc plays an intricate role in immune health and if you’re not getting enough, bleeding gums and gingivitis can be some of the first indications of a deficiency.

Perhaps your dental care is impeccable and you’re brushing and flossing regularly and seeing the dentist for your routine check-up, yet your gums still bleed, what gives? If you’re still experiencing this you might want to notice what you’re eating. Has your diet recently changed? Have you cut out certain food groups? Do you think you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, specifically zinc?

A zinc deficiency manifests in bleeding gums and gum disease, and some cohorts are more susceptible to this including pregnant women and seniors.

intext 6What does zinc support?

Zinc supports many functions in the body including:

  • Immune support
  • Inflammation balance
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Supports sexual health, hormone balance, and fertility

As mentioned above, bleeding gums and gum disease which half of our population experiences, may indicate a zinc deficiency. So, you may be doing everything right but missing this key mineral.

Follow along in part two as we look more in-depth at zinc and how it plays a role in your dental health.
In the meantime, schedule an appointment with our dental office and find out more about our preventative care!

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