Attractive & Functional Dentures

The loss of teeth affects people of all ages and can be due to a number of reasons such as advanced decay, oral disease, injury, or surgery. Dentures are custom-made removable replacement for those who have some or all teeth missing. When properly cared for they can last over 10 years before the dentures need to be adjusted.

Dr. Schwartz takes great pride in preparing both full and partial dentures of the highest quality and functionality. With 40 years of experience and a natural attention to detail, Dr. Schwartz ensures his dentures are aesthetically pleasing, natural looking, perform well, and last a long time.

Considering treatment to replace missing teeth?

dentures1Call us at (212) 679 – 0808 or use our appointment form to set up a consultation with Dr. Schwartz. We’ll discuss your specific needs and determine an effective and customized treatment plan for you. Specializing as a cosmetic dentist in NYC, Dr. Schwartz brings many years of experience and knowledge to each cosmetic procedure that he performs.

The Process

First, Dr, Schwartz performs an exam of your gums, teeth, and bone structure to ensure dentures are the right fit for you. He will then develop a treatment plan and course of action tailored specific to your needs and goals.

A few appointments are required to make a mold of your arches, take precise measurements of your mouth and face, select teeth color, and fine tune any adjustments that need to be made. Dr. Schwartz goes to great lengths to ensure your custom dentures are accurate in measurements and appearance so that they are comfortable, functional and compliment your face.

Once your dentures are finished you’ll be able to pick them up and start wearing them. Dr. Schwartz will periodically check-in on you to ensure the dentures are performing well, make any readjustments and that everything is going smoothly.


Dr. Schwartz enjoys working on dentures. In fact, he is a participating dentist in the Donated Dental Services program to provide dentures at no cost to underprivileged patients.

Here are results from two recent cases:



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