Night Guard and Mouth Guard Options

Night Guard and Mouth Guard Options

Stop Teeth Grinding with a Night Guard from Dr. Martin

Dr. Schwartz recommends two treatment options for teeth grinding and clenching, which have brought about a significant relief in symptoms and an immediate improvement in the quality of life in many of our patients.

The FDA approved NTI-tss device provides an effective non-drug, non-surgical method of preventing headaches, jaw pain and sensitive teeth. By reducing the intensity of grinding and clenching, we can effectively minimize the source of pain; in many cases, in just a few days.

In one office visit we can create a custom-made NTI-tss device—a tiny, clear-plastic device that fits over your two front teeth. You only wear the NTI-tss device while you sleep at night, making clenching virtually impossible by preventing the back teeth from contacting each other.

Click here for a short video explaining how NTI-tss can help relieve migraines and headaches associated with teeth grinding and clenching.

In some cases, a full night guard is needed when an NTI-tss device does not suffice. Dr. Schwartz can prepare customized night guards to cover the entire biting surface of all the teeth.

Call us at  (212) 679–0808 or use our appointment form to set up a consultation with Dr. Schwartz. A thorough oral exam and discussion of your symptoms will allow us to tailor a treatment option for you.

Get Relief from Snoring with a Custom-made Snore Guard

Like night guards, custom-made snore guards are worn at night. While also providing relief from clenching, their primary purpose is to expand the airways and prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

Protect Your Teeth During Activities with a Custom-made Mouth Guard

If you take part in extreme physical activity and contact sports, you probably wear a helmet or pads to protect your body. A mouth guard is a device worn over your teeth to protect them from injury, such as chips and even knocking them out. You can often see them worn by professional and amateur athletes.

Dr. Schwartz can prepare customized mouth guards that fit specifically to your teeth and mouth, ensuring the mouth guard doesn’t slip off when you need it’s protection the most. Ask Dr. Schwartz if you should wear a mouth guard for the physical activities you partake in.

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