Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal?

When the dentin layer of the tooth becomes infected, we refer to this as a cavity or caries. A filling is performed to remove the decayed dentin and restore the damaged tooth.

However, if infection or inflammation spreads past the dentin into the pulp of the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary. It is important to take care of such an infected tooth immediately to avoid complications, such as a tooth abscess, and to avoid severe pain.


Symptoms that you may require a root canal treatment include:

  • severe toothache pain while chewing
  • prolonged sensitivity and pain to cold and hot temperatures (especially after the source has been removed)
  • swelling or tenderness of the gums around an irritable tooth

If you are experiencing these symptoms, give us a call and come in for a consultation with Dr. Schwartz to quickly diagnose the issue through x-rays and an intra-oral exam.

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teethexamiconRoot canal treatment typically refers to the initial removal of the pulp tissue from the tooth and canals. Follow-up appointments involve restoring the tooth which can include inserting a post into a canal, preparing a temporary crown, and making impressions for a permanent gold or porcelain crown that will be placed on the remaining tooth structure.

Although stereotypically a procedure that instills fear in patients, modern root canal treatments are relatively simple and painless. Dr. Schwartz has performed hundreds of root canal treatments over the years, which translates to ensuring treatment is pain-free and performed correctly. Nevertheless, when he suspects a complicated case, Dr. Schwartz refers his patients to a root canal specialist known as an Endodontist.