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8 Advantages of Composite Fillings

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  Moving from amalgam to composite fillings is one way dentistry is improving!   Fillings are one of the greatest innovations in modern medicine, keeping our smiles healthy. It’s important that cavities are filled — without them severe tooth decay would increase causing tooth loss, and tooth loss can greatly impact our dental hygiene, let… read more

Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth?!

Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth_!

Do you have sweaty palms yet a dry mouth when you’re around the one who gives you all the feelings?   Ah, true love — or at least the beginning of true love — brings a host of feelings and emotions (and hormones) you probably didn’t know you had. Butterflies in your stomach — it’s… read more

Have You Tried Probiotics For Better Dental Health?

Have You Tried Probiotics For Better Dental Health_

Our mouths are a part of the greater microbiome that houses both harmful and beneficial bacteria. The balance of bacteria promotes wellness — it is only when it becomes overrun by harmful bacteria, as a result of poor dental care and a poor diet, that we begin to see cavities and gum issues. So, how… read more

When You Have To Get A Root Canal

When You Have To Get A Root Canal

A root canal sounds scary, but it’s very common dental procedure. Perhaps you were hiking and face-planted which resulted in a damaged tooth or you’ve left a diseased tooth untreated for too long. In either scenario, a root canal will improve your dental health and help address any pain or discomfort you be experiencing. What… read more