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Signs You May Need A Root Canal

When we think about what the process of a root canal is, it can seem pretty overwhelming. We’ve heard the term many times and have always associated it with a negative connotation. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore! At Martin J. Schwartz D.D.S in New York City, we can take the anxiety… read more

How Cosmetic Dentists Can Help You Define More than Just Your Smile

Unless you’ve experienced the pain of having a less-than-attractive smile, you may believe that cosmetic dentistry is as vain as other plastic surgeries – based on one’s desire to simply look a certain way. However, cosmetic dentists do much more than make people pretty. Veneers, implants and other dental procedures actually decrease pain and health… read more

The Beautiful Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are one of the most frequently-asked-about procedures that Dr. Martin J. Schwartz performs. As one of the most innovative advances in dentistry in the last half-century, veneers offer a quick and effective solution to a variety of cosmetic dental issues. The veneer itself is a paper thin layer of porcelain that disguises unattractive smiles.… read more

What First-Time Denture Wearers Should Know

It’s never something that people look forward to, but for those getting their first dentures, it may help to understand that the elimination of the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth will soon be replaced with beautiful, functional teeth that act much like real teeth. But there is some aspects of wearing dentures that you… read more

Why do Teeth Become Sensitive to Sweets?


Why do my teeth hurt whenever I eat sweets? If there is anything that oral bacteria loves to feast on it’s sugar. And that sugar/bacteria combination produces acid that is detrimental to tooth enamel. As those acids eat away, tooth sensitivity builds; creating painful situations whenever sugary, or hot and cold substances hit those vulnerable teeth.… read more

How to Choose the Absolute Best Dentist in New York City

Choosing a family dentist can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Some obvious starting points would be asking friends, family, coworkers and neighbors but selecting a dentist in New York City, whom you’ll be establishing a relationship that will hopefully last for years, is more complicated than just following the… read more

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dentist?

Did you know that dental phobia is an actual psychological ailment? Though most of us feel some level of discomfort, even anxiety, about going to the dentist, there are some people who experience intense and irrational fear about dental visits. This social minority believes that not much positive happens once you are in that chair; pain often… read more

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are few things more embarrassing or detrimental to our looks than missing teeth. A gap in our smile seems like a magnet to the eye, causing people to glance or stare at the darkened space in the middle of all that ivory. Traditionally, bridges and dentures would fill that gap, though with some admittedly… read more