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Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth?!

Is it True Love, or is it Dry Mouth_!

Do you have sweaty palms yet a dry mouth when you’re around the one who gives you all the feelings?   Ah, true love — or at least the beginning of true love — brings a host of feelings and emotions (and hormones) you probably didn’t know you had. Butterflies in your stomach — it’s… read more

Have You Tried Probiotics For Better Dental Health?

Have You Tried Probiotics For Better Dental Health_

Our mouths are a part of the greater microbiome that houses both harmful and beneficial bacteria. The balance of bacteria promotes wellness — it is only when it becomes overrun by harmful bacteria, as a result of poor dental care and a poor diet, that we begin to see cavities and gum issues. So, how… read more

When You Have To Get A Root Canal

When You Have To Get A Root Canal

A root canal sounds scary, but it’s very common dental procedure. Perhaps you were hiking and face-planted which resulted in a damaged tooth or you’ve left a diseased tooth untreated for too long. In either scenario, a root canal will improve your dental health and help address any pain or discomfort you be experiencing. What… read more

Teeth Whitening: Part one


The causes of tooth staining Aging – Teeth darken as we age from wear and tear. Eating habits – Consuming dark-colored drinks such as wine, coffee, and tea, as well as eating acidic foods contribute to enamel erosion. Smoking habits – Nicotine will leave discoloration deposits that slowly absorbs into the enamel over time. Trauma,… read more