How Plaque Is Harmful To Your Overall Health: Part One

How Plaque Is Harmful To Your Overall Health_ Part One

Plaque, it’s a word that we hear tossed around from dentists and cardiologists alike, yet do you know what plaque is and why it impacts your bodies overall health? Find out all about plaque, and then schedule your routine teeth cleaning afterwards — you’ll want to!


Plaque and the status of health

Intext1Plaque is a sticky, malleable substance that is considered a bacteria and it likes to hide on all five surfaces of a tooth. The plaque in your mouth hiding in crevices, is also the same plaque that clog your arteries causing heart related issues. So how does plaque cause health issues?

When you consume sugars and starchy foods and either your saliva or brushing and flossing doesn’t remove them harmful bacteria eats the leftover food debris and creates an acid byproduct. The buildup and stickiness of the plaque helps the acid stay in contact and on your teeth, causing enamel erosion. After a period of time and constant attack a cavity is formed.

Plaque is involved in gum disease by forming at the gum line under tartar. The plaque then leeches bacteria inflammation and irritating the gums. The gums then start to pull away and form pockets and become infected. If gingivitis (the first stage in gum disease) isn’t immediately addressed, teeth can become loose and fall out.


Find out more about plaque in part two!


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