The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are few things more embarrassing or detrimental to our looks than missing teeth. A gap in our smile seems like a magnet to the eye, causing people to glance or stare at the darkened space in the middle of all that ivory. Traditionally, bridges and dentures would fill that gap, though with some admittedly less-than-desirable results. Often, bridges can be ill-fitting and noticeably different from surrounding teeth. Dentures are a good choice for larger oral gaps but can be painful and they often trap food debris beneath them, causing oral health issues. These options also need to be replaced more than once during a lifetime.

At the Gramercy Park dentist office of Martin J. Schwartz DDS, the innovation in dental science and technology has allowed the use of dental implants to improve rapidly.  Implants now provide patients with a variety of benefits regarding their oral health. These benefits include:

  • A permanent solution. Implants can replace missing teeth on a permanent basis, removing the reliance on dentures or bridges.
  • A natural-looking replacement. Implants function like actual teeth allowing for a comfortable fit and true functionality.Gramercy Park Dentist
  • An overall healthier oral cavity. Unlike dentures and bridges, the health of surrounding teeth is not compromised or affected by the implant.
  • A protected facial structure. Overtime, bone loss occurs after a tooth is lost. Implants help stop that bone degeneration, preserving facial structure.
  • An easier daily cleaning regimen. An implant is taken care of in the same way as natural teeth where dentures and bridges require additional cleaning.
  • A better appearance and higher confidence. Replacing gaps in a person’s smile, implants allow people to once again feel confident in their appearance again without discomfort, pain or frustration.

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