Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dentist?

Did you know that dental phobia is an actual psychological ailment? Though most of us feel some level of discomfort, even anxiety, about going to the dentist, there are some people who experience intense and irrational fear about dental visits. This social minority believes that not much positive happens once you are in that chair; pain often ensues, needles are likely to be involved and then there’s the whole “working” within your oral cavity, which feels so much like an invasion of the most intimate of sorts.

Studies have shown that between nine and 15% of Americans have admitted to avoiding going to the dentist because of their fear and anxiety. Which is ironic, as it is the absence of professional dental care that often leads to the reasons behind the fear – the aforementioned pain, needles, invasion of personal space. Where most of us are able to move past these fears and anxious feelings in regards to dental visits, others suffer from more pronounced phobias. Dental phobia actually causes sufferers to experience dread and intense fear and can become panic-stricken when faced with the mere prospect of dental procedures.

Because this phobia can actually have a detrimental effect on a person’s oral and physical health, various dental clinics often offer sedation dentistry in order to help their patients. Usually used with dental procedures that are expected to take more time than a regular cleaning or cavity fill, sedation dentistry produces a sleep-like state where the patient is relaxed enough to allow the dentist to perform the procedure. By reducing the amount of stress and anxiety during the treatment, a dentist can actually ensure a safer environment and better results.

As comprehensive oral healthcare providers, Dr. Schwartz & his team provide an array of preventative, restorative & cosmetic dental care so you have the opportunity to make your smile the best it can be without fear or anxiety.

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